When you visit our website, information about your navigation may be stored in "Cookies" files installed on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

The information below gives you a better understanding of how cookies work and how current tools are used to set them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, image or software, containing information, which is stored on the hard drive of your device (e.g., computer, tablet, smartphone, or any device used to browse the Internet) on the occasion of consulting a website with your navigation software. It is transmitted by a website’s server to your browser. The cookie file covers in particular the pages visited, the type of browser you use, your IP address, and allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is stored, during the period of validity or registration of the cookie concerned.

Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify information contained therein.

Cookies improve your browsing comfort on our Site.

As indicated on the information banner of the site, by continuing your navigation on our Site, you accept the deposit of cookies on your terminal. You can reverse this decision at any time by opposing the deposit of cookies (see below: oppose the deposit of cookies).

Why do we use cookies?

We use 2 categories of cookies whose purposes are described below.

Certain technical cookies (session cookies in particular) are essential for the proper functioning of the website. Removing them can cause navigation difficulties.

1. Technical cookies
Technical cookies are cookies strictly necessary for the functioning of the site. They facilitate communication for the provision of a service by electronic means expressly requested by the Internet user. These cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browsing session.
These cookies are issued and deposited by Fludia. They have a very short lifespan, for the majority, the time of the session, and a maximum of one year.

2. Audience measurement cookies - statistics
These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website. For example, the number of visits, the most visited pages… These cookies allow to establish statistics of analysis of the attendance from which the contents of our site are improved according to the success met by such and such page with our visitors.
Google, the statistical tool used by Fludia, generates a cookie with a unique identifier, the duration of which is limited to 6 months. We collect the IP address, in order to identify the city from which you connect. The last two bytes are immediately anonymized.
The data collected is not transferred to third parties or used for other purposes.

How to manage cookies?

There are several ways to manage cookies. Any configuration you may undertake may change your browsing on the Internet and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of Cookies.