F-Link – Micro-bridge
  • F-Link – Micro-bridge
  • F-Link – Micro-bridge
  • F-Link – Micro-bridge

F-Link – Micro-bridge

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F-Link micro-bridge receives data from one or several FM232 IoT sensors and forwards them to an existing Internet Box through Wifi or Ethernet cable.

Lora mode: Local

Local LoRa to Internet Micro-bridge, collecting energy related data (electricity, temperature) transmitted by FM232 sensors (not included).

FM232 sensors transmit radio data messages on a regular basis, each data message including several successive measurement values. The F-Link micro-bridge receives these radio messages and forwards to Fludia data collect server, by means of the existing Internet connection. The F-Link can connect to the existing Internet box (DHCP protocol) through one of these two means: Wifi (F-Link can be provided with the Wifi password with the help of a smartphone or a PC) or provided Ethernet cable.

Data can be retrieved from the data collect server either through the API or by connecting to the dashboard and manually downloading a file for a selected period of time. An FTP solution can also be provided.

Technical characteristics:

  • Capacity: Up to 10 LoRa sensors can be registered on one F-Link
  • Input: Specific local LoRa 868MHz radio
  • Output: Wifi/Ethernet 
  • Access to Fludia data collect server for 3 years (FTP or RESTful API)
  • After the first three years, possible to switch to a completely autonomous mode (i.e. bypass Fludia data collect server)
  • Power supply: 230V/5V adapter (included)
  • Size: 94*74*30mm
  • Weight: 76g

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